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Want to make an even more compact, pocket-size foosball game? Here’s how. Read more »


No one can dispute the usefulness of electricity. But what do you do if you’re in a remote area without AC power or batteries? Make sneaky batteries, of course! And once you know how to make sneaky batteries, you’ll never again be totally out of power sources. Read more »


Before Chester Carlson invented photocopying, inventors engineered various mechanical devices to replicate images. With a few everyday items found in the home, you can make a pantograph, an image duplicator that allows you to use one pencil to trace an image while another pencil follows its path in parallel to... Read more »


Not everyone has a GPS (Global Positioning System), but you can easily make a CPS (Cup Positioning System) from any cup and learn the art of orienteering! Read more »


Make a paper flyer to understand Bernoulli’s principle of flowing fluids and gases. Read more »

Don’t have a 3D printer to make plastic parts? Use moo juice instead. Read more »

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Using simple trigonometric principles, you can closely estimate the height of objects with an easy-to-make-hypsometer (hyps means height in Greek). Read more »