Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

I'm founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire, which are produced by Maker Media, where I'm Executive Chairman. I am also Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (www.makered.org).

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DIY Synth kit

MakerCon speaker Bethany Koby, an artist, designer and graduate of NYU’s ITP, is an American who is CEO of a kit development company located in the bustling Hackney neighborhood of London. Her Hackney neighbors include Alice Taylor whose Makie Labs allows kids to design and create their own 3D printed toy characters... Read more »

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At MakerCon, we will have a number of presenters who will be showing new tools for makers, tools which continue to open the process of making to more people. Perhaps the most important tool for makers now and in the future is not hardware –  it’s software and it’s a Computer-Aided... Read more »

azar robotics 8879

In the month of April, robotics teams participate in competitions such as FIRST in St. Louis and Vex in Anaheim. I met Kate Azar last summer and heard her talk enthusiastically about FIRST robotics. While her experience was positive, she realized that young women struggle to gain respect as competitors... Read more »


If there is a core driver of the Maker Movement, it is the growing Maker community. This community is open and inclusive, vibrant and eclectic, self-organizing and widely distributed. It is the product of many people identifying as Makers, sharing their ideas and projects. Whether they embrace science and technology... Read more »

POC21 at Millemont Castle

A five-week Innovation Camp focusing on open source hardware and sustainability will take place in August at Millemont Castle, just ahead of this year’s UN climate summit in Paris. Proof-of-Concept 21 organizers are looking for makers to apply to participate in the camp. They want to identify 12 of the best open... Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.30.37 AM

We’re happy that the White House has announced the US National Maker Faire as part of a National Week of Making from June 12-18. The National Maker Faire will take place June 12-13 at the University of the District of Columbia. The team behind the DC Mini Maker Faire has partnered... Read more »

Happy Birthday

The remarkable story that is Raspberry PI completed its third year with a celebration at Cambridge University’s William Gates Computer Science Laboratory in the UK. The two-day 3rd Birthday of Raspberry Pi drew about 1400 people, many of them families with children moving among workshops, talks, demos and a marketplace... Read more »