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Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

I'm founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire. I am CEO of Maker Media, the company that produces MAKE, Maker Faire and Maker Shed. I am Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (

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Are 3D printers a continuation of developments in a modern technology that started over 500 years ago with Gutenberg? Printers use a variety of materials and processes, and now you can print in 3D. Or will we look back one day and think that these fabricators represent the beginning of... Read more »

TechShop Training for Veterans

Are you a veteran and live near a TechShop? If so, then you should know about the TechShop program for veterans, developed in partnership with the Veterans Administration. It’s a free one-year membership plus $350 for training classes. Read more »

Glenn Reid speaking at Hardware Summer Camp in SF.

About 70 campers showed up today at the offices of OATV for Hardware Summer Camp, organized by Nick Pinkston, Renee DiResta and Adam Ellsworth. I kicked off the Saturday session with a short talk, remarking that the maker movement has been built around a prototyping revolution more than a manufacturing... Read more »


Here is a video of my 2013 Distinguished Speaker talk at SXSW EDU in Austin, TX. In this talk, I wanted to contrast formal and informal learning, and point out that informal learning is a kind of magic. Read more »

Héloïse, Fabrien, Camille, Dale, Véronique and Artur outside Le Petit Fab Lab in Paris

I was in Paris at the end of April for Ouishare Fest, a conference about the sharing economy.   I spent a Friday afternoon visiting Fab Labs in and around Paris, talking to a number of very interesting people who are very interested in the maker movement and  understanding how it might be taking shape... Read more »

Tim Hunkin along with Andy Plant created the Astronaut's Caravan and brought it to Maker Faire UK.

The amazing Tim Hunkin has done it again. In collaboration with Andy Plant, Tim has created the Astronaut's Caravan. It's a trailer that turns 360 degrees. Tim had the humorous idea of creating a place where former astronauts might go on holiday to recreate a bit of the experience of... Read more »

Knitting Robot by Andy Noyes

One of my favorite maker exhibits at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle this weekend is by Andy Noyes, a first-time participant in Maker Faire. His knitting animatronic robot, AGNES, doesn’t just go through the motions of knitting. She actually produces a knitted scarf using a circular loom. Andy said he’s... Read more »


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