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Thousands of people mastered soldering for the first time at this year’s Maker Faire events in the Maker Shed’s “Learn to Solder” tents, with the helpful coaching of Mitch Altman, Jimmie Rodgers, and dozens of other hackerspace volunteers. Participants left the Maker Shed with smiles on their faces, new skills,... Read more »

Ultimate Microcontroller Pack

You can find an endless number of cool microcontroller projects and tutorials online these days. The tricky part is finding one that matches the components you already have or sourcing what you need to tackle that awesome project you’re dying to sink your teeth into. So the MAKE staff designed this... Read more »


The heart of the Maker Shed’s mission is to help people get started making. Read more »

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Make: Projects readers can now conveniently purchase just about everything they need for their next project directly from the Make: Projects website. Read more »

The ultimate open source prototyping shield for Arduino and Netduino microcontrollers. Read more »

What would you make for the ultimate MAKEcation with three kids and a wife who loves to repair things? Read more »