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At an outdoor festival, my sons and I saw a group of teens play-fighting with padded swords. That looked like a lot of fun, so we tried making our own. It was remarkably easy and inexpensive — each sword costs about $4. Read more »


Here's a DIY Enhancer that beefs up the tone of open-back amps. Read more »

Nagata-san and Tetsu no Tsume title card

Tameharu Nagata is one of the last surviving kamishibai (paper theater) men in Tokyo. Read more »


What if buttons could talk back? Monome, a Philadelphia collective of musicians and tech-savvy designers, is exploring that concept in a big way. Read more »


Retired filmmaker Ernie Fosselius (Hardware Wars) has been cranking out a wonderful menagerie of mechanical woodcarvings. Read more »


George Sanger's homemade Leslie speaker — which he first built out of a punctured paint can and record player — taps a polyethylene drainage device to get a sound he describes as “one of the most organic, spacious, and beautiful there is.” Read more »