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This year we are going with a spider-themed house and we will have a “Hedge of Heads” that showcases spiderweb-wrapped heads, etc. (doll parts) trapped in webbing on the hedges or bushes (creepy both day & night). This simple guide will show how we create creepy web-wrapped heads. Read more »


The quickest & cheapest storage tray I could make. It holds little hardware & electronics stuff. Great to sort with …. sort buttons .. sort electronics … sort springs … sort gears …. screws, nuts, bolts … you name it. If it fits in the cup it can be sorted,... Read more »


The Basic LEDhead is a simple LED – spring contact switch – battery circuit. Other LEDheads will have different circuitry to explore different power sources, flashing rates, etc. Read more »


This guide will unmake a Canon printer/scanner/fax into Maker resources. We are mainly going for the motors but so much more will come out of this eWaste. The principles and techniques here apply to unmaking most fabricated electronics … a Phillips screwdriver is about as complicated a tool as you... Read more »