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David Scheltema

David Scheltema

I love to tinker and write about electronics. My days are spent building projects and working as a Technical Editor for MAKE.

Latest from David Scheltema

The new Spark Electron

Meet Electron from Spark, the new board that puts GSM cellular connectivity directly on the microcontroller. With its onboard cellular antenna, this diminutive board will offer a huge range of deployment options and alleviate the hassle of using a custom cellular breakout board with your micro controller projects. They’re offering two... Read more »


The tiny, powerful Intel Edison platform has been a bit difficult to interface with. But now two new breakout boards from DFRobot vie to become the robotics community’s must-have Edison connection. Since its debut a few months ago, the most common ways to work with Edison are two breakout boards available from Intel and the... Read more »

Extruder head

Most industrial robots run on proprietary systems, but this experimental KUKA arm uses an Arduino MEGA to 3D print in 6 axes, mimicking the shapes found in nature. Despite the size of this KUKA arm with a custom toolhead attachment — a 3D printer extruder — carefully looking at the... Read more »

555-timer as an arcade stool

The 555-timer integrated circuit is one of the most famous and popular chips ever invented. Created in 1971, it’s got a near cult following with books, blogs, newsletters, and devoted fans even today. That’s why Imgur user “surfacetension” built this amazing stool in the form of a giant 555 chip!... Read more »


Make: has been able to play with the tiny new computer for a week and let us tell you, the new Pi is fast, really fast. Read more »

Female with whip on fire

Friday night in West Oakland, California designers from across the Bay Area assembled for the Hot Couture 2015. The annual event held at The Crucible is not to be missed, but just in case you did, we have you covered. Guidance for this year’s designs was direct: designs should take... Read more »


Brian Krzanich stood in front of a packed audience at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, backed by a sea of oversized blue display screens. The Intel CEO had just finished presenting a smartwatch and headset — new wearable projects that the company was collaborating on — when... Read more »


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