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David Scheltema

David Scheltema

I love to tinker and write about electronics. My days are spent building projects and working as a Technical Editor for MAKE.

Latest from David Scheltema

Female with whip on fire

Friday night in West Oakland, California designers from across the Bay Area assembled for the Hot Couture 2015. The annual event held at The Crucible is not to be missed, but just in case you did, we have you covered. Guidance for this year’s designs was direct: designs should take... Read more »


Brian Krzanich stood in front of a packed audience at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, backed by a sea of oversized blue display screens. The Intel CEO had just finished presenting a smartwatch and headset — new wearable projects that the company was collaborating on — when... Read more »

Wiring of the TFT to an Intel Edison

Proving that the Intel Edison is really a full Pentium-class PC, Lutz has successfully ported Doom to the tiny board. For those who aren’t quite as old as I am and are unfamiliar with the classic title, Doom literally blew away gamers in 1993 with a combination of fast paced... Read more »

Software used for signal sampling with the Sound Card Oscilloscope.

Build an inexpensive homemade o'scope for visualizing signals on your desktop OS. Read more »

Garage door status shown on an OLED

James wanted a way to monitor the status of his garage door without having to actually look at the door. Fortunately, he has a knack with electronics and knows his way around connecting different sorts of systems together with code. In the initial version of the project, James used an... Read more »


Use simple woodworking skills and hardware-store cleverness to create a three-dial safe that can only be opened with your secret electronic combination. Read more »


Learn the basics of soldering by creating your very own blinking LED rocket ship pin. A favorite Maker Faire activity, soldering is an excellent skill to get started in making for all ages. Read more »


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