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David Scheltema

David Scheltema

I love to tinker and write about electronics. My days are spent building projects and working as a Technical Editor for MAKE.

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Matt Richardson caught up with littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir today to talk about their new Synth Kit. The kit works with all existing littleBits and is made in collaboration with international electronics powerhouse KORG. Pre-orders are being taken now and units are scheduled to ship December 6, 2013. Read more »


With less than twenty minutes to go, both teams are sprinting to the finish of the Raspberry Pi Make: Off. Who will win? Will it be the Sea Slugs with their wireless tracker called Find My Little Friend? Or will Team Astronaut Mike Dexter take the glory with their steampunk... Read more »

Reading Rainbow 2.0

LeVar Burton stopped by Engadget Expand to talk about the launch of his tablet application to supplement Reading Rainbow. Burton is probably best known to the maker community for his role as Geordi LaForge on Star Trek the Next Generation, but ’80s babies also know him as the host who... Read more »


Today 3D Systems announced their latest product, the Sense 3D Scanner. Keith Ozar from 3D Systems described the new hand-held 3D scanner as "physical photography." Read more »

Best Practices for Crowd Funding YOUTUBE

We’re live at Engadget Expand in NYC and Matt Richardson caught up with Kate Drane from indiegogo to find out about her experiences in the world of crowd funding. Drane explains that indegogo is committed, “to empower people to fund what matters to them.” Her own campaign raised $4,000 and... Read more »

Raspberri Pi Intro YOUTUBE

Matt Richardson, contributing editor for MAKE, kicked off the Raspberry Pi Make: Off today in New York City at Engadget Expand. Two teams consisting of three members will compete Saturday and Sunday to engineer their best Pi recipe. Unlike traditional baking, the Pi Make: Off ingredients include electrical components and... Read more »


The MintDuino kit is a fantastic project to help you learn the basic circuitry of an Arduino clone, but it is not mechanically sturdy enough for most projects. This breadboard-to-perfboard project will provide a solution to make your MintDuino as strong as the tin it comes in!┬áPlus, this board layout... Read more »


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