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David Lang

David Lang

Co-Founder of OpenROV, a community of DIY ocean explorers and makers of low-cost underwater robots. Author of Zero to Maker. And on Twitter!

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  • 11/26/2014 @ 8:09 am
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Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 4.45.28 PM

Black Girls CODE is hosting their first Robot Expo at UC Berkeley this December. Read more »

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  • 07/25/2014 @ 2:44 pm
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rc forest

A kit to turn old cell phones into a rainforest monitoring system that tracks illegal logging. Read more »

lab guy

A group of DIYBio enthusiasts are making "real vegan cheese" using synthetic biology. Read more »

All the Kickstarter project creators at Maker Faire. Photo via Julio Terra.

Kickstarter simplifies their rules. For makers, that's a good thing. Read more »


A new, open-source soft robot called the Glaucus Atlanticus. Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.29.22 PM

A reflection on the not always glamourous process of bringing an idea into the world. Read more »


Amateur scientists are shaking up mainstream science. Read more »