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OpenROV secures $1.3 million in VC funding and announces a new version of its underwater robot. Read more »


The AFRON Ultra Affordable Robotics Challenge is underway. What could you make for less than $10? Read more »


Crowdfunding has become such an integral part of the maker experience that sometimes we forget how young of an idea crowdfunding reallly is (Kickstarter launched in 2009). Clearly, it's a very powerful tool. One where the actual culture and norms of crowdfunding are still being defined. I was reminded of... Read more »


What happens if your Kickstarter campaign fails? Then break your product down, figure out what actually works, and try the whole thing again. That's what Zach Supalla and the Spark team have done. Read more »

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A timelapse of one maker's Maker Faire experience. Read more »

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John Cumbers and a team of synthetic biologists are offering a one-day course on the subject in San Francisco. The course is aimed at makers and programmers, and designed to give a comprehensive introduction into synthetic biology. Last week, I learned that we're much closer to DIY synthetic biology than... Read more »

Based on the popular (and controversial) Kickstarter project, here is the DIY How-To for creating your own glowing plants with this DIY synthetic biology kit. Read more »