DC Denison

DC Denison

DC Denison is the co-editor of The Maker Pro Newsletter, which covers the intersection of makers and business. That means hardware startups, new products, and market trends.

DC manages customer stories at Acquia, the digital experience company.

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The Glowforge 3D Laser Printer

Glowforge's new 3D laser cutter becomes available for pre-orders starting today at MakerCon in New York City. Read more »

Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, inventor of Sugru

Sugru is a “moldable glue” that has found a place in many Maker toolboxes. Inventor Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh talks about finding her product’s niche. Read more »


We connect with 3Doodler co-founder Max Bogue to hear about his experiences. Read more »


Lisa Q. Fetterman is the co-founder and CEO (chief eating officer) of the hardware startup Nomiku Read more »


The Media Lab at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts provided a bright, stark-white-and-glass frame for a US-based celebration that featured four of the five Arduino founders. David Mellis, one of the co-founders, is a graduate student at the Media Lab. He was the in-house connection. (No surprise that the fifth co-founder, Gianluca... Read more »


Today at an Arduino Day celebration at MIT Massimo Banzi announced an upcoming initiative that will extend the Arduino platform to interconnected intelligent modules. The project is code named “Eslov.” Banzi said it will be ready to demonstrate by this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area, which will take place May... Read more »


“We’re explicitly inviting you to understand, remix, and remake our resin” — Eric J. Wilhelm, Autodesk From the editors of Make:, the Maker Pro Newsletter is about the impact of Makers on business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Please... Read more »