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Fashion + Technology Diana was a contestant on Project Runway season 2, graduated from RISD, and currently lives in New York City.

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I like to think of ham radio operators as some of the original makers and hackers. They called hacking “kinking,” said “hi hi” instead of “LOL,” and assembled Heathkits long before Makershed, Adafruit, and Sparkfun were around. I had a lot of fun checking out some of the vintage radios... Read more »

Bay Area artist Matthew Jervis of Kulture Hero posted this great Mom's Day breakfast idea on Facebook -- what a great, simple way to make her morning shine! (Easy to do with kids, too.) Read more »

One of my favorite ham radio activities is making contacts on satellites. It’s really fun to know that you’re controlling something that’s receiving and sending communications from space. But communicating with satellites means carrying a big Yagi antenna around. So, I decided to use my fashion sewing skills to make... Read more »

Electroluminescent (EL) wire is a great way to add electronic patterns to your clothing. EL wire is a flexible wire that has a phosphorescent glow when current is applied to it. EL wire is one continuous strand that can easily be bent into different shapes and applied to clothing. This... Read more »

Here is a video of my visit last weekend to the Massachusetts QRP Convention, a meeting of ham radio enthusiasts who use low power. QRP operators are the makers of the ham world. Since they work with such low power, many QRP operators make and modify their equipment to get... Read more »

For portable radio operation, I like End-Fed Half-Wavelength Antennas (EFHWA, pronounced “EF-WAH”). This type of antenna is similar to the common half-wavelength dipole, but with one significant advantage. A dipole has its feedpoint (where it connects to the radio) in the middle of the antenna, but an EFHWA’s feedpoint is... Read more »

For the past few weeks I have been covering preparations for the Fairytale Fashion Show at Eyebeam on CRAFT and Make: Online. The Fairytale Fashion Collection uses technology to create magical clothing in real life. Electronics, mechanical engineering, and mathematics come together to create clothing that changes colors and transforms... Read more »


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