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Jason Poel Smith

Jason Poel Smith

My name is Jason Poel Smith. I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering that is 50% Mechanical Engineering and 50% Electrical Engineering. I have worked in a variety of industries from hydraulic aerial lifts to aircraft tooling. I currently spend most of my time chasing around my new baby. In my spare time I make the how-to series "DIY Hacks and How Tos."

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For Halloween this year I'm making giant spider webs to decorate outside my house. These are easy to make, and all you need is a roll of shrink wrap. Read more »

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Everyone loves dessert, but what if they could light up and play animations? I'll show you how to make a dessert tray with a built-in LED matrix. Read more »


Shields are great for connecting external circuits to your microcontroller board. In this project, you'll learn to make your own custom shields for Arduino. Read more »