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Crowds are flocking to this year’s latest hit activity, the Nerdy Derby. Brought to you by the students of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, this no-rules miniature car building area is inspiring a lot of young makers to stop by and make their very own derby car. Cars are then RFID-tagged... Read more »


This has got to be one of the busiest exhibits for kids at Maker Faire this year. There’s just so much fun stuff going on: make a popsicle house and see how it holds up to earthquakes on various soils; give their spin art machines a whirl; and check out... Read more »


This mechanical binary computer is a giant calculator powered by 8 balls and Evil Mad Scientists. Read more »


The team at Spinbots is offering young makers the opportunity to create easily reconfigurable marker bots that teach the principles of design in a super fun hands-on way. While I was there, one young boy modded his bot to only have two marker legs, and everyone looked on in wonder... Read more »

The Viper Cockpit

Young makers astound with an ambitious Viper flight simulator project for Maker Faire. Read more »

Congratulations, if you’re on this page, we think you made a pretty cool kit. Please feel free to download any of the assets below to include on your website. Read more »