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Historical legend tells us that seamstress Betsy Ross was visited in 1776 by George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross, who asked her to make an American flag conforming to a resolution of the Continental Congress. Washington’s design had 13 alternating stripes of white and red, and 13 six-pointed stars... Read more »


Simple tricks of illusion make the impossible a reality. Read more »


MAKE readers hope that the things they make will work as intended. That doesn't always happen. Meet the fool's tackle. Read more »

RIDING HIGH: Threshing machine, 1940s. Note the drum pulley on the tractor; It's the smaller cylinder between the front and rear wheels.

Real-world problems in physics sometimes take quite a while to figure out, unlike the contrived problems in textbooks that must be solved by next week. Read more »

Chinese 'south-pointing' chariot, c 2700-1100 BC.

Many ingenious mechanisms are devised with no “practical” purpose in mind. Read more »


The five-pointed “golden star” is widely used around the world in flags, heraldry, coats of arms, and other decorations. Read more »