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Nick Britsky

Nick Britsky

I started out with LEGO in early elementry school along with Constructs, Capsela, K'nex and any other building toy I could get my hands on. With some engineering in college I ultimately decided upon Marketing. My stride really started when myself and a group of 9 started i3 Detroit. This let my imagination wild building such things as; a Twinkie Car, a duct tape fire-breathing statue and a QR code scavenger hunt. My current projects are the Brick Challenge Game Show and my cocktail blog,

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  • 08/02/2012 @ 2:00 pm
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What are you waiting for? Every one of you reading this has a big idea floating around in your head that you want to realize. I won’t sugar coat it, projects aren’t easy to start and they’re often harder to finish. What will encourage you to just do it? With... Read more »