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The BITalino is great for biohacking — hook up the sensors and play Classic Pong with a swing of your wrist. Read more »

BITalino (r)evolution Board BT [front]

Welcome to the Biosignal Revolution Suppose you could measure your mood, your stress level, or enthusiasm electronically and use it to control your surroundings? I have been using the original BITalino board for a couple years — an Arduino-like microcontroller dev board with built-in biosignal sensing modules — in projects... Read more »

feature-SensoreeGoosebumpPoof3web copy 2

Pump up your look using drone motors and pneumatic air muscles to give your wearables a hint of animation with soft robotics. Read more »

With 70+ makers and more than 5,000 visitors at last month's Twente mini Maker Faire, the event wasn't so mini. The fair was housed in a refurbished factory hall which besides a massive space for events house a large number of creative start-up companies. Fortunately the location (Creatieve Fabriek) and... Read more »