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Serious Media Player For geeky people (like me) who want really serious hardware that looks really serious, the Wolverine ESP media player ($329 and up, is about as serious as you can get. Seemingly styled by engineers for the pocket-protector set, you’ll certainly need a pocket protector for this... Read more »

The Basics First, you’ll need a breadboard. You can call it a “prototyping board,” but this is like calling a battery a “power cell.” Search RadioShack online for “breadboard” and you’ll find more than a dozen products, all of them for electronics hobbyists, and none of them useful for doing... Read more »

So far, I’ve detailed the construction of my all-purpose maker-style workshop, which I’ve nicknamed the Barrage Garage. It’s turned out beautifully, and as anticipated, it’s the envy of my maker friends. Small? Sure, it’s a mere 20 feet by 14 feet, but it has all the space required to do... Read more »

Egress A 9-foot-wide, automatic, well-insulated door outfitted with required safety equipment was essential. The huge door makes bringing materials in and out of the workspace a snap. Fenestration Natural light and a view to the outside were high on my list of priorities. Therefore, the design called for four east-facing... Read more »

As a city dweller, I’ve often looked with envy at the spacious outbuildings of my rural friends and relatives. Horse barns, potting sheds, root cellars, equipment garages — plentiful, enclosed, and private space is the one thing that makes me envy those who live beyond the end of the bus... Read more »

Ky Michaelson, aka The Rocketman, hails from an illustrious line of makers. On his family tree can be found inventors of the motorcycle transmission and clutch, the rotary lawn-mower blade, the flip-top aspirin box, and the oxygen mask as used in commercial aviation. As a child dealing with dyslexia, Michaelson... Read more »

Located on a quiet street flanked by gigantic shade trees in Burbank, Calif., Mister Jalopy’s garage is like a portal into the past and the future at the same time. It’s fully stuffed from floor to ceiling with vintage tools, car parts, and movie memorabilia he picks up at garage... Read more »