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Excerpt from the article: Built from five miles of fiber-optic cable and a tower of 44 LED projectors, the installation uses custom software to link 1,000 separate strands to Dewey Decimal System section numbers. Every time someone queries a subject or reviews a resource on the state’s online catalog, the... Read more »

Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades, who go by the name Actual Size Artworks, forklifted a 500-pound wooden flying saucer 20 feet up into a grove outside the Abington Art Center. Read more »

Stacey Lee Webber likes her work long, repetitive, and painstaking. Just look at the life-sized carpenter’s tools she silver-soldered out of pennies. Read more »

Czech artis Krištof Kintera's latest cringe-inducing masterpiece is a 23-foot stack of cement bags that tilts dangerously to one side, looming over spectators. Read more »

Performance and documentary artist Liz Cohen has built one of the most improbable custom cars in the country, and has the pictures to prove it. Read more »


It took a giant garbage bag full of hot air to teach Matt Jones to appreciate the life coursing through his kinetic creations. Read more »