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Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at an aspect of life - such as how diet effects exercise, how exercise effects cognition, how sleep effects your work... Any field of study is free game. And, if you are reading this, you are qualified to submit an entry!... Read more »

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This past weekend, the World Maker Faire in NYC had a wide range of makers showcasing a variety of projects and skills. Front and center was the New York chapter of DIYbio, a scientific outreach group of local citizen scientists, and the BioBus, a mobile microscopy lab built on a... Read more »

We have surely entered the age of citizen science! Take, for example, my father’s reaction thirty years ago to a family history of colon cancer. He wholly cut out red meat, began taking vitamins, and started exercising daily. Melanie Swan’s reaction to the same issue, thirty years later, goes far... Read more »

Here’s a message from Ariel Waldman, announcing the first US Science Hack Day, happening right in the heart of Silicon Valley! Makers can post their ideas to the wiki and hack with us when the day (Nov 13-14) comes. I’m helping to organize the event. Hope to see you there!... Read more »

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A very frustrating and often medically unrecognized result of living with chronic illness is the awful feeling that you’re alone in your struggle. Years of expensive yet unsuccessful treatment by physicians can make many patients lose hope. But for Alexandra Carmichael, out of such frustration was built a platform for... Read more »