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More than two years after creating and hosting the first Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, I'm going back for the third annual show this Saturday, and I'm extremely excited to see how it's grown. It's free to attend and takes place on Georgia Tech's beautiful campus, so there's really no reason... Read more »


If you're a frequent user of thread-locking fluid, the Drip-Well is for you. Read more »


An affordable and useful addition to any electronics bench. Read more »


Did you know that, although they’re great for emitting light, LEDs are also capable of absorbing light? This idea is leveraged in the fantastic Maker Press book, Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, which goes into depth on using a variety of LEDs to detect light in the atmosphere. With a few... Read more »

We're in the midst of Maker Faire season here at Make, and are hurriedly (but calmly) preparing for the upcoming fourth annual World Maker Faire New York. We hope to start doing these posts on a more regular basis in the near future, but for now we'll be announcing new... Read more »


This guide will walk you through the assembly of the electronics for the MAKE Vector Weapon Kit. Read more »


Our take on five commercial quadrotors ranging from toys to tools. Read more »