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Latest from faludi

The final day of 5 in 5 was happy-dirty, telepathic, deliciously chilly, retro-reflective, recursively meta, southwardly mobile, ephemerally illustrated, dubiously conversant, cartographically challenging, mixed, mashed and lovingly recycled. Andrew Schneider was our final Guest Star and meta-chronicled the waning day of five. As promised, the fivers headed to Odessa where... Read more »

Day 4’s 5 in 5ers drew like text, cooked like robots, threw and chirped, mapped and walked, made peace with sandwiches, strolled with Dada, arrowed electroluminescently, surfaced tubularly, put out 2 sea and put up with Zombies. We were proud to have Make Blogger and ITP alumni Jonah Brucker-Cohen as... Read more »

The middle day of 5 in 5 rebranded Bed-Stuy, counted clicks, twittered literature, resistored a dress, gamed a subwoofer, hacked Peggy into Lite-Brite, mapped our past, threw light sculptures, sampled soft circuits, waisted a skirt of waste, retold one story of a man named Brady and another from Beverly Cleary... Read more »

Day 2 of 5 in 5 brought to life a periodic tote, tickets to a sunset, a year in pictures, balls of light. In an impromptu celebration of old-time computing we got earrings compatible with your PC, AsteriskFTP, and thank goodness there’s finally BASIC for Twitter. Clink your glasses for... Read more »

It’s the first day of 5 in 5 and there’s a parade of projects. See the gang free themselves from Positioning Systems, choose their food decisively, sash a speaker, stick socks to a tee, mate software circles, print Mega Man, enliven their claw prizes, greet with robots, calm a TV,... Read more »

Ten ITP students are doing 5 Projects in 5 Days: “5-in-5 is a group event based on the New York University ITP resident researchers’ project “7 in Seven” that took place the second week of June 2008. The premise goes something like this: Do a creative project every day for... Read more »

Day 7 of 7 in 7 at ITP thundered to a close with Window Ghosts, Twitter Door Sign, Happy Graduation Breast Implants, XBee Interface for Mac, Collective Intelligence for Java and Vegan Pork Martini. Click on a picture to read about each one-day project in the 7 in 7 blog.... Read more »