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For makers (or breakers) visiting the vendor area of DEFCON, a stop at a surplus dealer can often reveal some tempting wares. There’s a long tradition of surplus at DEFCON with available products ranging from the useful to the merely pretty. I had a chat with one vendor to find... Read more »

DEFCON is not just about using technology to create or solve problems. Legal, social, and cultural factors come into play as well. While “Social Engineering” plays a part in con life, with talks, competitions, and gaining entry to parties, other people and organizations at the conference are keen to change... Read more »

Never let it be said DEFCON attendees don’t know how to dress up. After one session today, I spotted attendee Paul sporting a snazzy electric blue bow tie. Although he claimed he didn’t actually make anything—he used an off the shelf LED matrix module—he did need to whip out a... Read more »

If you’re going to be at the hacker mecca of the DEFCON security conference in Las Vegas this weekend, there is a lot to keep the maker interested, both security related and beyond. If you’re unable to attend, I’m going to be bringing you some of the weekend’s highlights here... Read more »