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Build a funky little free-range drumbot that roams, makes beats, and samples. Read more »

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could make a machine that would make 3D models of phenomena otherwise invisible to you? It's fun to do, and it's is an amazing creative process to create a machine that produces something that you can hold in your hand from the invisible -... Read more »

How do you make a walking biped robot, with only three servos? Without saying a word, Frits Lyneborg from shows you his inventive way of doing just that! Read more »

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Learn how to make a drifting robot car with a few cheap components and some simple code in this tutorial episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics. Read more »

Chris the Carpenter is giving his wife a ride, Jaimie's robot is bigger than him, MarkusB keeps launching rockets, Stoerpeak has made a cheap robot arm that can copy moves, and LMR is written in sweets by mogul's m&m sorter #3. All this in what will be the last weekly... Read more »

Kids and cheap RC cars is a bad mix. In reality kids cannot control these things. They end up slamming the car into things, and keep pressing “forward”, even when the poor vehicle is facing a wall. With the purpose of preparing you for some nifty programming tricks in the... Read more »

In this week’s episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits Lyneborg is giving you two fun ideas for nerds with RC cars. The first and easier one is “build something new from the parts.” The second and more complex one is to upgrade your RC car with “computer assisted... Read more »