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Patti Schiendelman

Patti Schiendelman

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Sean over at MAKE shared this clever project by Dimitri Tsykalov, in which the artist created a series of unfinished (or unraveling) credit cards made from yarn. Read more »

This optically befuddling artwork, made from smoke and a glass bottle, is Jim Dingilian’s “Lowland.” It’s just of one the works made from grimy materials in an exhibition called Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design at The Museum of Arts and Design. Swept Away: Dust,... Read more »

I was deep into a google image search session when I caught a glimpse of one of Joanne Conklin’s homemade New Kids On The Block sweaters and, needless to say, it stopped me in my tracks. Joanne posted some pictures of these sweaters on her blog and explained the circumstance... Read more »

“Profile Pictures” is a series of remarkable embroidered works by Carolyn Marsden (Warning: some material on her site may not be suitable for younger readers) which, presumably, depicts pictures of men from dating website profiles with biting observations written underneath them. Utilizing a medium with such a weighted past, my... Read more »

Last night I went to the opening of The (S) Files 2011, the sixth biennial exhibition at El Museo del Barrio, and saw loads of great crafty works, like Jessica KairĂ©’s “Objectos de Confort.” …the CONFORT project represents a fictional brand of soft and warlike sculptures that offer psychological relief... Read more »

Ruffles as decoration on a wall sounds, on paper, like it wouldn’t be my thing. But I like how they look on this wall. Less 5-year-old-little-girl and more like … a cross between lichen and a topographical map. Read more »

These photos remind me of just how much little babies sleep! Using artfully arranged blankets, the carpeted floor, and her baby’s propensity to sleep all the time, Mila’s mom Adele (Helsinki, Finland) stages imagined dreamscapes for her daughter on her blog, Mila’s Daydreams. The tagline on her blog is “I’d... Read more »


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