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Patti Schiendelman

Patti Schiendelman

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Tufts University has a really good book available online about the physics of music and musical instruments. It’s a nice balance between theory, examples, and hands-on projects. The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments covers the physics of waves, sound, music, and musical instruments at a level designed for high... Read more »

Artist and paper engineer Matt Shlian makes incredible art with paper. The unfolding piece below is one of the most impressive paper sculptures I’ve ever seen. Read more »

Please join me on a tour of Elaine Bradford‘s Museum of Unnatural History, where taxidermy and crochet are both taken to the next level. (thanks, Gar!) For Museum of Unnatural History, Houston-based artist Elaine Bradford has created a faux natural history museum filled with a variety of animals and specimens... Read more »

My friend Michelle has been hooping, and sent me this link to instructions for making your own hoops, including a collapsible version with bungee cord inside. Read more »

Maya Made shares the recipe and instructions for making these cute heart-shaped pretzels. This is a great project to do with kids! Read more »

The Optical Society of America has a very cool site about the science of light. I found instructions for making lenses from Jell-O and ice, with a great explanation of how lenses work. Read more »

I was looking through the old catalogs photostream that Evil Mad Scientist linked to recently, and found this Eaton’s catalog scan. Wonderful inspiration from 1917! Read more »


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