Rob Giseburt

Rob Giseburt

Software Engineer by day, 3D printing enthusiast all the time.

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3D Systems, makers of the Cube, a $1,299 hobbyist-level 3D printer, along with considerably more expensive industrial-level 3D printers, has filed what may be the first patent lawsuit in the hobbyist 3D printer market. Read more »

Replicator 2 OSHW?

In the wake of MakerBot's Replicator 2 announcement, there has been a lot of discussion and questioning about the open source status of the company’s offerings. The MakerWare software used to control both the new printer and the original Replicator is available for download now. It is clearly closed source,... Read more »


A new player on the field by the name of Tangibot recently arrived, not with a new printer or even an innovative new derivative, but with a near-exact clone of arguably the most prominent printer in the market: the MakerBot Replicator. Will MakerBot close their products in an attempt to... Read more »