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Just two more posts on the mathematical wonders found at Bridges 2013 -- not because there wouldn't be more material, but because there are so many other topics to pursue. Today's post focuses again on themes which have occurred earlier in the annals of Math Mondays and which showed up... Read more »


At Bridges 2013, the MoMath team learned from Tom and Koos Verhoeff how to make a lovely tubular trefoil. Here's how you can, too. Read more »


Math Mondays is back from summer vacation with a brief break from all of the goodies discovered at the Bridges conference (more later) to highlight another must-visit site in the world of making with a mathematical bent. Today's shout-out goes to PaperMatrix, an incredible compendium of all things made by... Read more »

Continuing Math Mondays' series on the recent Bridges conference, today we highlight three different genres of mathematical making which we have seen before in Math Mondays, but which were represented at the highest levels of intricacy and development at Bridges. To start with, mathematical beading: various polyhedra cleverly strung with... Read more »


Connecting the dots between the last two installments of Math Mondays, the team got to see mathematical string art taken to a new level at this year's Bridges conference. Here are three recent works by David Press, which lift string art off of the (card)board and into the third dimension,... Read more »


Last weekend, the Math Mondays crew traveled to Enschede, The Netherlands, to attend the annual Bridges conference. If you're a serious math maker and don't know about Bridges, you should. It's a meeting that draws 200-400 people, all focused on the connections between mathematics and art, and the folks there... Read more »


Although there have been two different Math Mondays touching just tangentially on the wonderful world of string art, it has never covered the basics of the area, and it's high time. (Why is it high time? Hint: in preparation for non-basics to come...) The fundamental idea is that you create... Read more »