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Ian Lee

Ian Lee

I'm a software engineer by day and maker by night. Most of my making revolves around woodworking, electronics, and the combination of the two. I'm also the founder & president of NashMicro - the Nashville Microcontrollers users' group and the father of three future makers. Follow me on Twitter as @ianlee74 or for the most recent news on everything Gadgeteer, follow @gadgeteerin.

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Chris Lee is no stranger to making really big projects a reality. At TEDx Nashville, he officially unveiled project, his next big adventure, and he needs your help. Read more »

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The robot guys over at MTRAS need a robot themed timer and found a brilliant solution by modifying a Plotclock. Read more »


Johann Rocholl built a community around the open source Mini Kossell 3D printer design. A pay-it-forward strategy has proven to be a good model for other open source projects. Read more »


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Azeem Husain is a kid with a mission - a mission to bring the world a better stylus. Read more »


In Nashville, Tenn. there exists a man who is infamous for his creations. Legend has it that he once made lightening by rubbing together two kittens. I suspect I just made that up. However, I did meet a man at the 2013 Nashville Mini Maker Faire whose creations are of... Read more » 3D Printer

At the Nashville Mini Maker Faire last weekend, I had the pleasure to speak with the makers at the New Valence Robotics booth. They were showing their 3D printer which they claim is the world's first fully automated 3D printer designed for schools. I had an opportunity to see the... Read more »