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Arrister has created a custom furniture service that makes creating furniture to your exact dimensions as easy as ordering a pizza online. Read more »


"Blue-Yellow-Red" is a transmedia installation created by Nashville, Tennessee, interdisciplinary artist and transmedia performer, Robbie Lynn Hunsinger. The exhibit was created for the Frist Center as part its 2014 Kandinsky exhibit. Read more »


Chris Lee is no stranger to making really big projects a reality. At TEDx Nashville, he officially unveiled project, his next big adventure, and he needs your help. Read more »

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The robot guys over at MTRAS need a robot themed timer and found a brilliant solution by modifying a Plotclock. Read more »


Oh, no! The turkey cookie cutter couldn't be found. No problem. 3D printer to the rescue! Read more »

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Azeem Husain is a kid with a mission - a mission to bring the world a better stylus. Read more »


In Nashville, Tenn. there exists a man who is infamous for his creations. Legend has it that he once made lightening by rubbing together two kittens. I suspect I just made that up. However, I did meet a man at the 2013 Nashville Mini Maker Faire whose creations are of... Read more »