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Ian Lee

Ian Lee

I'm a software engineer by day and maker by night. Most of my making revolves around woodworking, electronics, and the combination of the two. I'm also the founder & president of NashMicro - the Nashville Microcontrollers users' group and the father of three future makers. Follow me on Twitter as @ianlee74 or for the most recent news on everything Gadgeteer, follow @gadgeteerin.

Latest from Ian Lee 3D Printer

At the Nashville Mini Maker Faire last weekend, I had the pleasure to speak with the makers at the New Valence Robotics booth. They were showing their 3D printer which they claim is the world's first fully automated 3D printer designed for schools. I had an opportunity to see the... Read more »


Last Saturday was the first ever Mini Maker Faire for Nashville, TN and by all accounts it was very successful. Read more »

There’s no denying the fact that everyone loves the ever popular Arduino.  However, the “shield” approach used by Arduino has its limitations and those of us that are also fans of the Gadgeteer prototyping platform know that there’s a better solution – modules.  Finally, it looks like there will be a... Read more »


NashMicro, the Nashville Microcontrollers Users' Group, recently had a need to raise some money to buy training kits. This is a story about how they used their maker ingenuity to accomplish the task. Read more »