Ian Cole

Ian Cole

Ian is a founder of The Maker Effect Foundation, a non-profit group organized to study and amplify the effects of makers within their communities. Ian is very active in the Orlando maker community as a member of FamiLAB, Orlando's Hackerspace, and as a founding organizer of Maker Faire Orlando. Ian blogs about his family's maker adventures at raisinggeeks.com.

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Turtlebot, the winner of the Makerland hackathon, is a Spark-powered LOGO processing, drawing robot built by combining a SumoBot Jr. kit with LEGO.

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In the "Python and Ruby Sitting in a Tree" workshop, attendees programmed an Arduino to interact with sensors such as the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, the VCNL4000 light sensor, the HC-SR404 ultrasonic ranging module, and the HC-SR501 PIR sensor module.

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