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Ian Cole

Ian Cole

Ian is a founder of The Maker Effect Foundation, a non-profit group organized to study and amplify the effects of makers within their communities. Ian is very active in the Orlando maker community as a member of FamiLAB, Orlando's Hackerspace, and as a founding organizer of Maker Faire Orlando. Ian blogs about his family's maker adventures at

Latest from Ian Cole

Turtlebot, the winner of the Makerland hackathon, is a Spark-powered LOGO processing, drawing robot built by combining a SumoBot Jr. kit with LEGO.

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In the "Python and Ruby Sitting in a Tree" workshop, attendees programmed an Arduino to interact with sensors such as the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, the VCNL4000 light sensor, the HC-SR404 ultrasonic ranging module, and the HC-SR501 PIR sensor module.

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StarBot Chrome Skull Animatronic

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The Maker Effect

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Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire is looking for amazing maker talent from the Las Vegas area to participate in their 2nd annual event. Last year's Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire featured 40 maker exhibits and welcomed over over 700 attendees. Read more »