Immanuel McKenty

Immanuel McKenty

Immanuel, Adam, Isa, and Eli McKenty and are four autodidact brothers who enjoy playing music, writing, and tinkering with computers, electronics, and themselves. They hail from Cortes Island on Canada’s west coast, where the weather is wet and rodents are plentiful. They occasionally post the results of their experiments at

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After years of failed attempts with store-bought traps, we realized we had to make a trap as clever as the rats. In our Smart Rat Trap, the Arduino reads a proximity sensor, then powers electromagnets to drop a cage on even the cagiest of uninvited furry guests. Build it! Read more »


It all started with a small LCD salvaged from an old printer. I recruited my code-savvy older brother, Adam, and we soon had the LCD displaying text from an Arduino microcontroller. This was neat, but it was inconvenient having to plug the Arduino into a computer for reprogramming whenever we... Read more »