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Photo by Hep Svadja

So want to make something out of leather... your next question should be: "What kind of leather?" Read more »


This cute pumpkin desk ornament can be 3D printed. Next, add an LED strip to give it a spooky glow. Read more »


At Maker Faire, almost everything can constitute being a toy, as it all seems to delight and make me feel like a little kid. Read more »


Do you have a story to tell to Makers, or a project or skill to teach? Would you like to tell it live at one of the most iconic Maker buildings in San Francisco? Now you can at the (relatively) new Maker Media Lab! Our new project lab is in San... Read more »


When I discovered my Stanley Tripod flashlight had a battery acid leak, it was, unfortunately, exactly when I needed a tripod flashlight the most — for fixing a leak under my sink. I went to my flashlight drawer and realized I already have plenty of flashlights, all I really needed... Read more »

My father-in-law, Craig, is one of those crazy weekend Makers that gets a wacky thought in his head and actually makes it happen. Here, he took an old wine barrel and an unused bike stroller and made something quite *ahem* intoxicating to ride around in. In his own words: First, I got... Read more »


I felt a little guilty (at first) about buying and reading Harrison’s Krix’s excellent ebook, Painting and Weathering for Props and Replicas. Part of being a maker is discovery by making, and this guy decided to take all his years of success (or rather, failures) and teach us all how to... Read more »