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A few days ago, a friend told me that he saw a similar project on ThisIsWhyImBroke.com, and asked me to build one. Unfortunately, like my green lantern ring, I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for him so I built a simpler but less good-looking one... Read more »


This project is fairly simple, but should use a fairly large housing for good airflow. A good battery should last for a little less than an hour. Read more »


The camera uses near-infrared light emitted by the LEDs. Since it doesn’t have a near-IR filter, it picks up the IR light better than a normal camera does. The LEDs are super bright and the LED ring can throw light about 30 or 40 yards. Read more »


One of my friends is a fan of the Green Lantern, and he thought it would be cool to have a glowing ring that charges when put inside a lamp. I realized that I already had something similar in my Upgraded Indestructible LED Lantern project, so I decided to build... Read more »


The original LED lanterns were featured in MAKE: Magazine, issue 30. When I first saw the article, I thought that they could only be used once, as they would have to be glued shut. When I read it, I realized that they were sealed with tape, and could therefore be... Read more »


This project details the build of a simple SMD LED color organ. A color organ takes audio input from a line source, such as an iPod, splits up the audio into frequency bands, and pulses colored lights in time with each band. For a more detailed explanation, watch Collin Cunningham’s... Read more »