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John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

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I met Kent Weakley and his son Lucas at Maker Faire this year -- a couple of really nice guys who were there a day early with their booster tickets. Lucas helped me put together some of my projects while Kent set out with video camera in hand to capture... Read more »

Here's the source code for my Arduino + PING))) + 7-Segment Shield ultrasonic distance sensor. It is the progenitor of my Arduino Nerf sentry gun code, which I'll be posting soon. Read more »

Maker businesses are all about the people, nd these guys are two of my favorites. Adam and Matt of Wayne and Layne rock. They are incredibly bright engineers and hilarious dudes whom I think should have their own podcast in order to crack us up year round Read more »

Here's a quick test video of the Arduino Nerf sentry gun in action. I didn't have ammo in the first few belt casings, so I avoided getting shot. This time. Read more »

This is the prototype of MintyBot, an Arduino robotics platform I've been working on. I'll be doing show-and-tell in the Maker Shed Arduino area at this Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23. Read more »

Things are getting exciting now in the Arduino Nerf sentry gun build! I've connected the main components together now -- primary Arduino, secondary Arduino, motor, and power for the gun (I decided to removed the six D cell batteries and power it from an AC-DC transformer). Read more »

I showed the enclosure for the primary Arduino in the previous post in my Arduino Nerf sentry gun build series. This is the enclosure for the secondary Arduino -- the one that drives the MotorShield to sweep the Nerf gun back and forth. It's a Chameleon case that I slightly... Read more »