John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park likes to make things and tell people about it. He builds project for Adafruit Industries, Boing Boing, and Make. He has ninja warrior goals. You can find him at and twitter @johnedgarpark

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The wonderful gang at ThingM (makers of the blinkM smart LED) have announced an interesting new product is in the works, the blink(1) programmable USB RGB LED status indicator. Plug the little open source nub into most any USB port – laptop, desktop, server, some Android phones, DD-WRT router –... Read more »


Gil Zamfirescu sends along this announcement for the excellent Workshop Weekend, happening this weekend in Oakland, CA: Explore 3D modeling, build a mini robot, create your own jewelry, make ricotta cheese, learn to sew by machine, and discover DNA modeling — all in one weekend! Workshop Weekend, the festival of... Read more »


Friend of Make: Jason Torchinsky hacked a vintage Oldsmobile seat control to work as an Atari joystick. He explains how to raid the junk yard and build your own using any of a variety of switches and buttons found in old cars. As Jason says: The idea came to me... Read more »


This is one of my favorite stories of an eleventh-hour save of a Maker Faire project. Makers Sophi Kravitz and Ollie Tanner built an 8′ bar graph that indicates the signal strength of nearby cell phones. It worked great at home, but not so much at the San Mateo Fairground:... Read more »


Honey, I Shrunk the Maker I built this 6x larger than real life, fully functional Arduino GRANDE. Why? There was talk among the MAKE: editors about how Arduino is really big at Maker Faire, and I thought, why not make it even bigger? Literally. After modeling it in 3D software,... Read more »


This appeals to my childish desire to add more chaos to the game of ping pong. From Make: friend Niklas Roy In Spring/Summer 2012 both guys were invited to create an installation version of Ping Pong Country in Lille’s Gare St. Sauveur. They were a bit tired of doing the... Read more »


17 year-old Anika Brandsma, of the Netherlands, (known as Anika Vuurzoon in the LEGO community) built this excellent take on the LEGO Friends Olivia’s Invention Workshop set. To bring Olivia’s enviable robotics workshop to life, Anika added motors, sensors, and the micro controller brain from a Mindstorms NXT set. She... Read more »