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This appeals to my childish desire to add more chaos to the game of ping pong. From Make: friend Niklas Roy In Spring/Summer 2012 both guys were invited to create an installation version of Ping Pong Country in Lille’s Gare St. Sauveur. They were a bit tired of doing the... Read more »


17 year-old Anika Brandsma, of the Netherlands, (known as Anika Vuurzoon in the LEGO community) built this excellent take on the LEGO Friends Olivia’s Invention Workshop set. To bring Olivia’s enviable robotics workshop to life, Anika added motors, sensors, and the micro controller brain from a Mindstorms NXT set. She... Read more »


  I’ve been meaning to do some tests with this relatively new technique for creating flexible parts on the laser cutter. I’ve been meaning to build a new project box for my Arduino. Oomlaut beat me to both! Ever since we came across this amazing technique for laser cutting hinges we’ve been... Read more »

My holiday picks this year run a wide range of things I love to geek out on -- from maker fashion to music makers, from machine shop memberships to steam engines, from beverage kits to time keepers. I hope this guide will help you find that perfect something for someone... Read more »

Steam. Fire. High RPM flywheel. Steel wire treads. This is not your kid brother’s vibrabot. For my Gift Singularity project, I decided to build a bristlebot like no other. I wanted to make one on a larger, more dangerous scale. And so, I present to you the Steam-Powered BoilerBot! The... Read more »

When I reached my hand into the virtual MAKE Secret Santa hat and drew the name Nick Normal, I knew I needed to pick something special, thoughtful, and creative, because Nick is all of those things. I also knew that it should complement his very own Normalmeme: the (sometimes) recursive... Read more »

What’s kombucha? It’s a refreshing, lightly sweetened, sparkling tea drink that is naturally fermented (yet non-alcoholic). The Oregon Kombucha kit comes with everything you need to make your own kombucha at home. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Boil a gallon of water, brew the tea satchel, dissolve... Read more »