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This guide will demonstrate how to build a fake tree for a child’s room. Our tree was made to house a certain frightened squirrel featured in a popular book series, but this build could be adapted for any number of tree-bound lovies. Read more »

Project video at… For my son’s fourth birthday, we decided on a fire truck theme. We started the party with a tour of a fire station and then went back to the house for a firefighters’ obstacle course and the creation of several Duplo fire trucks (and of course,... Read more »

This tree is nothing more than 10 RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs connected in parallel to an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield running a modified version of the cheerlights sketch. Read more »

I’ve been making and using duct tape wallets for years now and I have to say they work just as good as, if not better than, a regular wallet. Most people do not realize how easy and fun it is to make one, so this guide will help you make... Read more »

I’ve posted a video of the gameplay to Flickr:… I have been slowly working on a series of automatons and robotic effigies of my coworkers as a way to exercise my creativity without cluttering the house with kid-unfriendly creations. My two main design criteria were low cost and uniqueness.... Read more »

Having a house 100 vertical feet above your dock makes for a lot of steps; 10 stories, give or take. We had the house, we had the dock, and we had a lot of space in between. Here are some YouTube videos of it in action: Building that many steps,... Read more »


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