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Brian Jepson

Brian Jepson

I'm a tinkerer and finally reached the point where I fix more things than I break. When I'm not tinkering, I'm probably editing a book for Maker Media.

Latest from Brian Jepson

Matt Cottam wrote in with this cool project he made for Papercamp. He started with patterns from The American Girl’s Home Book of Work And Play by Helen Campbell (1890) and cut them on a laser cutter on 300gsm paper. Matt brought the images into Illustrator, and traced their outlines... Read more »

(image of solar-powered 802.15.4 node from Tom Igoe’s Making Things Talk) The Christian Science Monitor has an article on wireless sensor networks being used to sense and gather data from the environment: The hand-sized yellow objects poking up among the lush canopies at Camalie Vineyards aren’t a new variety of... Read more »

Over at Global Nerdy, Joey deVilla writes about some cool merit badges for geeks: Just as Boy Scouts earn merit badges for accomplishments in some area of study, now we geeky types can earn Nerd Merit Badges for nerdy accomplishments. The first in the series is now available: it’s “Open... Read more »

Dave Vondle from IDEO wrote in to tell us about a cool project they are working on with Bug Labs. From their introductory post: We’re thrilled to be working with Bug Labs to make this great product even better. We are also prototyping a new, open way of working that... Read more »

Here’s another Make: Books PDF excerpt. This one comes from Tom Igoe’s Making Things Talk, which tells you how to create Arduino- and XBee-powered devices that form networks of smart objects. This excerpt shows you how to work with two different distance rangefinders, the Sharp GPxx series of infrared rangers... Read more »

Here’s another Make: Books PDF excerpt, this time from Eccentric Cubicle. In the introductory chapter, author Kaden Harris explains the philosophy of improvisational fabrication: A Maker’s life is rarely fully funded, with an unlimited budget, a state-of-the-art shop facility, and a team of brilliant young assistants poised to spring into... Read more »

Congratulations to Antti Seppänen, whose Beagle Board-based robot is the winner of the first Beagle Board design contest. What’s more, Antti also created a very cool expansion board for the Beagle Board, and made the design available under a CC license: My Beagle bot required building an expansion board. Some... Read more »


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