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Using more than 2,000 Legos and some mad computer skills, Mike Schropp built a fully operational supercomputer that helps in the fight against diseases like cancer and HIV. Read more »

Sabine Marcelis' do-it-yourself kit celebrates the process of wine-making by bringing it into our living space. Read more »

Mechanical engineering student Charles Guan built a homemade Segway, called the Segfault, with some rather impressive geek cred. It uses absolutely no software, microprocessors, or other digital logic. Read more »

Superbus is a 49-foot-long, astronaut-designed carrier that hauls more than 20 passengers and tops out around 155mph. If Batman carpooled to work, this would be his ride. Read more »

Remember the Geo Metro? Introduced in 1989, the vehicle’s been awarded more ridicule than anything else. And while the Geo brand is now defunct, EV enthusiast Dave Cloud of Woodinville, Wash., could earn the car some newfound recognition. Read more »


Ian Fardoe commutes 4,000 miles a year by bike, so building a wacky, plastic-wrapped tricycle is no surprise. Read more »

Built by U.K. photography duo Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas, the BeetleCam is a modded 4WD robotic buggy manufactured by Lynxmotion and mounted with a DSLR camera. Read more »