Jesse Harrington Au

Jesse Harrington Au

Jesse Harrington Au is a 14-year veteran of using CAD for engineering, character development, and animation. Jesse speaks, blogs, writes curriculum, gives workshops, and makes creations of all kinds through his work with Autodesk. Jesse has created amazing interactive designs for clients of all sizes including the Exploratorium, Resident Evil Studios, Mathalete and Catapult design. He has also given groundbreaking workshops such as en-light-enment, which focused on introducing the idea of pedal power technology as a teaching platform at the Future of Energy Leadership Conference in Pristina, Kosovo. 3D CAD with Autodesk123D is his first book.

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This is a super quick and dirty tutorial for using 123D Catch to get a fast and easy easy 3D scan of your head. Once you have the scan or "catch" the tutorial will take you through a technique to clean it up and manipulate it for 3D printing. Read more »


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