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Art is powerful. What better way to show this concept than by forever capturing a physical human fight in a 3D printed sculpture. Artist, Eyal Gever, has taken that form of power to his art. Myself along with Gever, see beauty within destruction. His art, including car crash simulations and... Read more »

Austrian artist, Laurin Döpfner, gives new angles on how to use a planer in his piece titled, “Verschleif”. Meaning, “Erosion“, this stunning time lapse dissection project shows the audience a slice of life, literally. But how did he do it? A lot of patience, that’s how. “With an edge sander, half a millimeter... Read more »


  Mobiles aren’t just for hanging over cribs anymore! Although this new 3D hanging galaxy mobile would be a great crib accessory, brighten up any room with a miniature piece of the universe made by you! An artist from Vancouver created this stunning piece with her own DIY guide to... Read more »

  Calling all artists! Looking for a new medium to explore with? If you haven’t heard, the 3Doodler selling for $99, has been on the market for at least the last 18 months. Funded by Kickstarter, this 3D printing pen has received the bad and the good feedback from users. An... Read more »


Internet connected wearable devices are on the rise. Software writer and self-proclaimed tinkerer, Hector Urtubia has developed the first internet connected necktie. Using the platform Pinoccio along with Adafruit’s Flora RGB Smart Neopixel LEDs, Urtubia has created an entertaining and timeless piece of technology you can wear. Why Pinoccio? Urtubia... Read more »

  What’s your sign? Bring the cosmos into any room with this simple DIY LED wall art! Materials needed: plywood (select desired size) knowledge of the free downloadable program Inkscape any constellation star map pencil ruler electric sander drill + various sized bits black wood stain black spray paint 220... Read more »

  This retro radio project brings back old to meet the new. A trendy old radio that plays any music you want, not just the boring stuff that you can get through the radio waves! Using the credit card sized computer, Raspberry Pi–the sky is the limit. To get the best... Read more »