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Joe Szuecs

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San Francisco artist Joe Szuecs created the Make: sponsored robotic display for the 13th hole at Urban Putt. Read more »

I had a dying madrone (Arbutus menziesii) in my backyard. Looking at its structure, I noticed a nice 3-pronged junction of branches a few feet above my head. I thought this would make a nice tripod base for a small side table, so with a bit of trial and error... Read more »

The ultimate Zen garden accessory is the stone urn. Filled only with water and a few fallen leaves, it defines tranquility. Unfortunately, these stone beauties cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, a concrete mix called “hypertufa” was developed that has the look of stone, specifically the volcanic rock called tufa. In... Read more »

Check out Joe Szuec's creations as he finds use for old junk and discarded materials. Read more »


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