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Create a high-voltage loudspeaker that makes sound waves by vibrating an electric arc. Read more »


Whether it’s the “Fukushima plume” or giant monsters on your mind, the classic Civil Defense CDV-715 Geiger counter has a perfect retro-style case to house a modern, sensitive digital Geiger counter. Replace its guts and add a new analog-digital LCD meter and you're ready to detect particle flux from radioactive... Read more »


The atomic age meets the Victorian -- charge up this Geiger counter's high-voltage tube using a unique mechanical oscillator that would do Jules Verne proud. Read more »


This DIY Geiger counter clicks and flashes an LED each time it detects a radioactive particle. It works with most common Geiger–Müller tubes, and easily connects to radiation rate meters, data loggers, true random number generators, and the Radiation Network’s GeigerGraph software. Share your radiation readings with the whole world! Read more »


Albert Einstein once wrote that God does not play dice with the universe. To which Niels Bohr (or Enrico Fermi) reportedly replied, “Stop telling God what to do with his dice.” Here’s a mood lamp that expresses these dice as 4 multicolored cubes that blink randomly, with true randomness —... Read more »