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Peter Lynn’s vision for the future hangs from a string. Read more »

DIYers team up to create cool rooms for disabled kids. Read more »

These cutting-edge animators are creating a live-in hackerspace in a California forest. Read more »

Sensebridge is a maker of electronic kits geared toward personal hacking. It was started by a group of friends at the San Francisco hackerspace Noisebridge. Read more »


Chicago-based artist Michael Dinges’ work is reminiscent of scrimshaw and trench art. For the uninitiated, scrimshaw began in the 18th century, when sailors started carving designs into teeth, bones, and tusks. Trench art involved decorating spent artillery shell and bullet casings to create ornamental items. Read more »

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A few years later, the Neutrinos drifted into Port Isabel, Texas where a 19 year-old college dropout named Constance Hockaday was living with her parents. Hockaday, a rather alienated young woman, immediately became enthralled with the idea of living on a boat and not paying rent. Before long, she was... Read more »

Jay Baldwin has designed and built a prototype for a collapsible camper top that transforms a standard-sized pickup truck into a fuel-efficient, highly maneuverable recreational vehicle. Read more »