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Here’s a how-to on building the “Auriga”, a portable electronic sensor box and cave surveying instrument with an electronic compass and serial output that can be cataloged using a computer or PDA. This particular build uses an old Palm PDA to collect the data. Check out the link below for... Read more »

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Santiago Morahan’s cardboard furniture is a cheap and easy solution for the multitudes of cardboard boxes that most people have hanging around their homes. The artist has stacked them up, cut a hole in the middle, and fire-proofed the cardboard so that the heat of the lamp doesn’t burn down... Read more »

Here’s an interesting MP3 player concept. Move the cube in a specific direction to advance the track through a built-in accelerometer detecting force. Similar to Apple’s iPod shake function in their new Nano, we like the DIY sensibilities and industrial design of this little guy. Motion Controlled MP3 Player via... Read more »

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This portrait of President Barack Obama was created by artist George Vlosich using an Etch-A-Sketch toy. The picture took 80 hours to draw using the two dials in one, unbroken line. In addition to this piece, the artist has created several more portraits that are equally impressive, although trying to... Read more »

These “Anti-Theft” lunch bags are regular plastic sandwich bags with black splotches on them so they are made to look like your lunch is spoiled. Interesting idea for a built in anti-theft device for your lunch although we’re not sure if people actually steal these types of sandwiches anymore. via... Read more »

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Here’s a cool how-to on building a portable USB charger for your gadgets. We’ve covered similar builds like this on Make before, but this one has a good parts list and walks you through each step of the build with attention to detail. This kind of thing is handy when... Read more »

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“FielDrum” is an acoustic drum built with a system of magnets that pull the performer’s hits so that they complete the correct drumming motion. Imagine if you were learning to play and your instructor was always there, guiding your hits to the correct location on the drum. The system emulates... Read more »