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Here’s an oldie, the “Bikelophone System” from 1995 is a slide instrument consisting of magnetic pickups attached to the body of a bicycle so that anything connected to or effecting the bike is amplified. Objects wired up included bass strings, scrap wood, metal bowls, and a tone generator which apparently... Read more »

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Thomas Keeley makes some really interesting sculptures that integrate human figures and parts (such as eyes) into inanimate household objects. This tooth brush integrates a small group of people waiting in line while his “camera” puts an eyeball into the lens of the camera. Check out the link below for... Read more »

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This motorcycle made from woven baskets is a really nice juxtaposition of materials and function. Driving this might be a challenge, but at least it can hold a lot of stuff as a home shelving unit. via FFFFFOUND Read more »

The “Future Pirate Radio” project is a combination of a cellphone application that reads QR Codes and printable stencils for graffiti artists to put up the codes on local walls. When photographed, the codes produce radio broadcasts streamed live over the Internet. Although it seems like a hard way to... Read more »

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“Here is looking at you, Kid” by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl, is a low-tech way of fixing the annoying aspect of video conferencing where participants are not making “eye-contact” through their web cameras. Rather than looking at the camera, the typical person stares at their screen, thus not making eye... Read more »

The “CubeCheater” iPhone app allows you to take a picture of your existing puzzle and the application will walk you through the solution to the puzzle. Although we’re not sure if we want to encourage cheating here at Make, we like the ingenuity of apps like this that mathematically deconstruct... Read more »

“Laptop Orchestra” is an interactive synaesthetic instrument designed to allow for real-time performances. Attached to the system is a conductor podium consisting of a grid of metal stems that activate or deactivate each machine by touches from onlookers. This action can in turn generate an almost infinite number of compositions.... Read more »