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Here’s an update on an earlier post we did here about the “Beacon” installation currently on display until February 20th at the LightWave festival in Dublin, Ireland. “Beacon” is a kinetic light installation that tracks visitors movements through the space. The project was built with existing industrial products, custom hardware... Read more »

Bastian Chroos’ 256 button Monome makes a regular version seem very tame. Check out the video to see it in action and the link below for some images of back of the PCB. via Arduino Blog Read more »

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”Bloom”, a project by artist Sam Spenser, turns an ordinary tree into an augmented sculpture by introducing yellow umbrellas on the end of each branch. Really nice way to add some color to the neighborhood on a dreary fall or winter day. via Apartment Therapy Read more »

“Doubles” is an electronic musical instrument that uses two controllers (which resemble air hockey mallets) and a surface of rolling beads. When moved, the controllers are measured in speed, distance, and their motion is used to create the resulting audio and visuals. via Digital Experience Read more »

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The “Reuseum” is a mega-mart for all things Maker-Friendly. Based in Garden City, Idaho, this place holds tons of old and vintage electronic surplus and junk as well as hosts Maker and Circuit Bending workshops! Check out their site to find out what they have and their “EVENTS” page for... Read more »

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Here’s an interesting take on bringing 3D video game characters into the real world. This “low-polygon” man was made from molded plastic and resembles something like a cross between Grand Theft Auto meets an August Rodin figure. via Monster Munch Read more »

“HYPERION_Fragment” by Rosalie is a light sculpture installed at the ZKM museum in Karlsruhe, Germany consisting of 3,150 LEDs that are controlled to display a “river of light” across several distinct color sequences. The project spreads out over an area of 9.25 x 27 meters, so its reach is definitely... Read more »