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”Minimum_Module” by Limiteazero is an open source sound installation (you can download the source code for it at the link below) built with Processing where 4 frequencies are generated by 4 laptops and played through a subwoofer which creates vibrations on 4 steel plates which are picked up with microphones... Read more »

This site shows some really nice enclosures that were built to house a basic sensor board. The housings include one made from an old Sea Salt tube, Squeeze Bottle, video mailer box, cardboard poster tube, and a Canary (shown above). Canary Research Read more »

This hack shows how to lengthen your camera’s flash cord by building your own with a CAT5 cable and some spare jacks. This was tested with both 5 feet and 50 feet extensions and it worked flawlessly to trigger the flash. Much cheaper than shelling out the cash for new... Read more »

“Click and Glue” is an autonomous installation that “locks itself into a corner” using a complex system of mechanical actions. The piece consists of a floating balloon equipped with a hot glue gun, nylon threads, electro-magnets, and an enclosure built with steel walls. The Balloon bounces between the walls puling... Read more »

Susan Benarcik creates intricate wall sculptures from recycled paper goods such as old newspapers and other found objects. The papers are put together to resemble honeycomb formations from beehives and other organic or natural designs. Check out the link below for more photos of her interesting creations. Susan Benarcik via... Read more »

This urban sculpture was made with thousands of standard shopping carts in a Costco parking lot by following the natural curve in a lineup of the carts. What they are protecting, we’re not exactly sure, but this might be the equivalent of the crop circle in an urban environment. Applied... Read more »

Katie Sokoler made these giant thought bubbles and hung them around Brooklyn, NY. The idea was to photograph people as they walked by. Check out the photos collected at the link below. Color Me Katie via Rebel Art Read more »