Jordan Husney

Jordan Husney

Jordan Husney is strategy director for Undercurrent. When he’s not consulting, he’s connecting everything and anything to the internet. The BBQ grill is still proving to be a challenge.

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Explore biorobotics — use an Arduino to create a carnivorous plant that bites on command! Read more »


In this project we’re going to assemble the XBee Pulse I/O Printed Circuit Board — an open-source hardware design which can be used to automate things wirelessly. This hardware is used in the “12,000-mile Universal Remote” project from Make Vol. 30. Read more »


We’re going to lead you through step-by-step instructions to build a prototype XBee Pulse I/O board on a breadboard. This board can be used to automate many things around a home and control them remotely. This design is featured in Make Vol. 30 and is used to connect a garage... Read more »