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Josh Burroughs

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Introduction Instead of throwing away the fat you trim off cuts of meat when cooking you can turn the scraps into a useful ingredient. This guide will show the simple steps to "wet render" animal fat on your stove top using common kitchen supplies. Why? Rendered animal fat is a... Read more »

Duck is a wonderful and versatile meat. This simple recipe for curing and drying the breast meat produces a ham remarkably similar to a good prosciutto but only takes about a week. This guide will cover all the steps to cure and dry the ham and some tips on eating... Read more »

This project covers cleaning and restoring an old handsaw – worth about $5 at a yard sale – and turning it into a useful tool again. Handsaw Basics Handsaws come in two basic forms: handsaw and backsaw. Backsaws are (typically) short saws with very thin blades and fine teeth with... Read more »

Breathe new life into an old, damaged pocket knife by building new custom-fit wooden scales. Read more »

Here's how to make your own bacon, completely from scratch. Read more »


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